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Water Resource Plan, Point Source water pollution

Water Resource Plan, Point Source water contamination Free Online Research Papers The water asset issue I chose was point source contamination water contamination. Water contamination started from the introduction of human development. Human waste was the principal poison that added to how our water framework is today. In time human waste has looked for its way through to waterways everywhere throughout the world. Numerous toxins that have advanced into the earth’s water incorporate oil, trash, sewage, flotsam and jetsam, composts and synthetics. By and by, I accept that a sustainment plan that could reduce the water contamination issue will take a long time to execute and outrageous instructive endeavors. In my endeavors to make a sustainment intend to reduce water contamination includes numerous means. Fundamentally, the world needs to comprehend the impacts that can be created by water contamination if not previously producing results. Water contamination impacts can incorporate however not constrained to waterborne irresistible infections, supplement contamination, substance tainting, marine flotsam and jetsam, warm contamination and an expense to buyers. In my sustainment plan I would give alerts to instruct the number of inhabitants in the impacts of water contamination by TV, leaflets, and radio. An introduction will likewise be proposed face to face to all people plotting with photos, real stories and how the world’s spending plan could be influenced by solitary term cleanup endeavors. Endeavors to teach populace would be made accessible to all inside the network just as pushing different networks for this exceptional crisis instruction. Right now there is a touch of trouble finding restricting perspectives to water contamination. I accept that individuals know about water contamination yet in certain occasions simply don't have the foggiest idea how to have a constructive outcome on the earth to help with diminishing or halting the contamination. Tragically, there are individuals out there who couldn't care less of the expense truly, naturally and fiscally. Administrators of Texas Oil and Gathering, Inc were captured and investigated in official courtroom for the illicit dumping of raw petroleum. These men couldn't have cared less of the impacts that the dumping would take on the earth. This activity potentially has caused some significant harm for crisp drinking water accessibility. A difficult that outcomes in water contamination is creature squander. Creature squander is gathered through sewer channels and different types of run-off. This represents an additional issue to the water contamination since creatures normally remain outside. To aid the avoidance of water contamination, a few urban areas have forced exacting city statutes making all canine walkers in parks to gather creature waste and dispose of fittingly. There are numerous difficulties that I might be confronted with so as to actualize my arrangement. One test that I need to confront is as a rule very accomplished with all the parts of water contamination. By and by, I have to arrive at where it counts inside and obviously express my contemplations on the current issue and the unavoidable. Individuals need to comprehend the sensitive subtleties that are inserted around water contamination. To the extent constraints go the main misfortune that I see can be that of financing. Financing assumes a multifaceted job in the capacity to convey the training of water contamination. A few people might be available to get this data with musings of putting forth a superior attempt towards decidedly influencing water contamination. My arrangement influences the network in a tremendous manner in light of the fact that reasonably the world in general will be influenced too. So as to diminish the expense to shopper together we as a whole need to draw in this issue with the most extreme earnestness. Occupations are the lifestyle in this day in age; individuals must know the significance of forestalling water contamination to shield our children’s prospects and ages to come. One subject that individuals need to see is the probability of asset consumption with respect to water contamination. On the off chance that we keep on contamination our water sources there is an enormous possibility that we won't have the option to eat fish or so far as that is concerned even beverage water. These assets are expected to guarantee the life of people and creatures on this planet. Ways of life can change because of the effects of water contamination. Later on, it might be hazardous or difficult to swim in waterways. This su rely would open up another grouping of inconveniences to our lifestyle. Acting now and proceeding with the instruction of the human populace will help with hindering contamination just as arriving at the objective of halting it totally. References Jones, S. (2008) very fun science. backdrop of-water-pollution.htm Jeantheau, M (2009) Grinning Planet. effects.htm U.S. Branch of Justice. (2009). Authorizing and Defending the Law. From restricting perspectives site. Exploration Papers on Water Resource Plan, Point Source water pollutionThe Effects of Illegal ImmigrationRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andThe Spring and AutumnGenetic Engineering19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraThe Project Managment Office SystemHip-Hop is ArtThe Hockey GameQuebec and CanadaNever Been Kicked Out of a Place This Nice

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The Movie Disclosure as a Depiction of Office Politics Essay

The Movie Disclosure as a Depiction of Office Politics - Essay Example The plot begins to create when tom sanders (Michael Douglas) passes up on an advancement opportunity which wound up being given to his ex Meredith (Demi Moore. The new supervisor attempts to revive the relationship by forcefully encouraging Tom to reexamine. Tom is immovable in rejecting her advances since he is cheerfully hitched and now a family man. Tom has a flashing failure to understand the situation, and nearly yields to Meredith’s progresses, however rapidly recoups dismissing her. This prompts Meredith to exact revenge on him by erroneously blaming him for lewd behavior. This .prompts tom being offered a final proposal of being terminated or being reassign. Be that as it may, Tom battles for his blamelessness and different bends in the plot describe the remainder of the film. The film was spellbinding for the entire length and the turns that describe the film keep the crowd film e intrigued. The film was entrancing and kept me stuck on the screen until the end. The fi lm is a portrayal of the truth of lewd behavior in the work environment. The film inspired solid emotions from the crowd in that there were blended responses on the issues investigated by the film. The film intrigued pundits, and the crowd with its turns and the holding storyline on sex and force in the workplace. The cast was likewise recognized for their splendid shows in breathing life into the film through their jobs. The job of Demi more as the scalawag was recognized in that she depicted the job of a ghastly supervisor splendidly. The film additionally had a negative response from watchers in that a few groups felt that the film was excessively graphical. They likewise felt that the plot was just used to legitimize the express scenes that portrayed the film. The response of the crowd was blended regarding enthusiasm for the film, since the film had surprising monetary achievement totaling over $200 million. The film was lauded for revealing insight into the dishonest practice that people experience in the work environment. It assumed the social liability of tending to the social issue of inappropriate behavior in the work environment. The cast was all around picked, and they fit into their jobs effortlessly. The plot was a mind boggling one, however the cast made a striking showing in drawing out the issue being tended to in the film. The main characters were splendid all through the film, and Michael Douglas worked superbly in assuming the job of an exploited worker. He relates splendidly with the quandary that casualties of inappropriate behavior face particularly on the off chance that they are subordinates in a workplace. Demi Moore is authentic in her part as the miscreant in the film. She portrays the job of a harsh and incredible manager who is forceful and doesn't acknowledge being denied her wants. She engages the ladies in her job in that she radiates power. The coordinating of the film was all things considered discovered needing in that the f ilm did not have the imaginative enthusiasm. The executive supposedly was making a decent attempt to fortify his qualifications in the film business. All things considered, he is effective at drawing out the contention and problem achieved by the story. The movie’s plot was taken from the book Disclosure by Michael Crichton. The plot was to a great extent obtained from the story in the book, making the two works to a great extent comparative. There are, notwithstanding, contrasts in that the film is all the more captivating and enlivens the plot of the book. The story is unmistakably brought

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Texas Government Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Texas Government - Essay Example For example, the intensity of the senator, managing officials and lobbyists is generously expanded as a result of deficient span for nitty gritty investigation of bills. Shorter meetings additionally don't give a good domain for raising issues and energize postponing strategies until an unfriendly circumstance creates. Notwithstanding a few changes in particularities of authoritative meetings throughout the years, the proposed alterations accommodating yearly meetings have been more than once dismissed by the voters to forestall expanded government force and spending evaluated at over $40 million. Be that as it may, a cautious thought of previously mentioned possibilities and outcomes proposes that the meetings ought to be permitted yearly to expel the hindrances to compelling administration rehearses. A deviation from such traditionalist political culture has its monetary expenses yet would likely improve the capacity of state to accommodate open administrations, settling the spendi ng in the more extended run (Newell et al., 50, 170). Alongside six different states, the compensations of Texas officials are set through protected revisions. Be that as it may, the $7,200 yearly compensation for Texas officials has stayed steady since 1975. Texas is the second biggest state after California as far as populace, however this figure is multiple times lower when contrasted with California. It is even lower than half of the government least assessed for a group of four to remain above neediness level. Lawmakers additionally get an every day stipend during the standard or extraordinary meetings for covering costs. They are likewise qualified for mileage remittance, state lofts and recompense for as long as 12 days out of each month while serving on state board/gathering or doing administrative work between meetings. The Ethics Commission, under a 1991 state constitution alteration, is enabled to build day by day stipends and comprise a resident warning board for proposing changes in authoritative pay rates to voters.

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Training and Employee Development Research Paper - 8800 Words

Training and Employee Development (Research Paper Sample) Content: The perceived impact of training and development on employee performance and achieving the triple bottom line of the organization à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ Tesco as a case studyAbstractEmployee training and development programs have been initiated to help boost the performance of the employees, besides helping an organization to achieve its triple bottom line. The à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"bottom lineà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ philosophy was redeveloped by economist John Elkington in 1994 to help firms to measure their success by performing in the areas of the society, business and the environment. This study was designed to evaluate the perceived impact of training and development on employee performance and achieving the triple bottom line of the TESCO. As such, the opinions and viewpoint of the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s leadership were collected for the purpose of the study. A qualitative research approach was used.. The size sample was 60 participants. The main variables investigated were training and develop ment, employee performance and achievement of triple bottom line. Data collected from the participants was statistically analysed to test three hypotheses. At a significance level of 5% (p0.05), all three hypotheses were confirmed positive. Conclusions and recommendations were made based on the findings of the study.Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc426728159 \h 2CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc426728160 \h 41.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc426728161 \h 41.2 Background of the problem PAGEREF _Toc426728162 \h 41.3 Aim of the study PAGEREF _Toc426728163 \h 71.4 Statement of the problem PAGEREF _Toc426728164 \h 71.5 Objectives of the study PAGEREF _Toc426728165 \h 81.6 Theoretical concept PAGEREF _Toc426728166 \h 81.7 Organizational concept PAGEREF _Toc426728167 \h 91.8 Significance of the study PAGEREF _Toc426728168 \h 9CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW PAGEREF _Toc426728169 \h 112.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc426728170 \h 112.2 Training and development program PAGEREF _Toc 426728171 \h 112.3 Importance of training PAGEREF _Toc426728172 \h 122.4 Concept of employee performance PAGEREF _Toc426728173 \h 152.6 Training, job involvement and organizational success PAGEREF _Toc426728174 \h 172.8 Organizational strategy and TBL PAGEREF _Toc426728175 \h 192.91 Role of the HRM in achievement if TBL and sustainability PAGEREF _Toc426728176 \h 222.92 Conclusion to literature review PAGEREF _Toc426728177 \h 22CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY PAGEREF _Toc426728178 \h 243.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc426728179 \h 243.2 Methodology and research design PAGEREF _Toc426728180 \h 243.3 Quantitative research PAGEREF _Toc426728181 \h 253.4 Sampling and population PAGEREF _Toc426728182 \h 263.5 Means of data collection PAGEREF _Toc426728183 \h 273.6 Reliability and validity PAGEREF _Toc426728184 \h 273.7 Limitations PAGEREF _Toc426728185 \h 283.8 Ethical considerations PAGEREF _Toc426728186 \h 28CHAPTER 4: FINDINGS AND ANALYSIS [5] PAGEREF _Toc426728187 \h 294.1 Introduction PAGEREF _T oc426728188 \h 294.2 Overview of the findings PAGEREF _Toc426728189 \h 294.3 Expressive analysis PAGEREF _Toc426728190 \h 314.4 Regression and ANOVA analyses PAGEREF _Toc426728191 \h 314.5 Discussion of key findings PAGEREF _Toc426728192 \h 35CHAPTER 5: CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS PAGEREF _Toc426728193 \h 385.1 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc426728194 \h 385.2 Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc426728195 \h 40CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION1.1 IntroductionIn the contemporary organizational world, every organization is striving for success and to outdo its rivals in business. One of the best ways of ensuring that this happens is obtaining and utilizing resources effectively. One of the most important of the resources is human resources, which needs to be kept up-to-date with the latest trends. Managers, whilst taking care of the human resources, have to ensure that thy pay attention to core functions of its management. By taking care of this, they ensure that the human resource performs as required, and in the process, help the organization to achieve its core objectives. Many organizations have set a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) target as one of their core objectives, which helps them measure their success and sustainability. The human resource performance is key in the achievement of organizational objectives, including TBL. In order to ensure that the human resource workforce delivers, organizations embark on enhancing their performance by using training programs. This study looks at the perceived impact of training and development on employee performance and achieving the Triple Bottom Line of the organization, taking Tesco as a case study.1.2 Background of the problemThe term "Bottom Line" makes reference to the bottom line of an income statement, where the managers and accountants of a company record the total profits and losses made by a company. In practice, the bottom line is used to indicate whether the firm is making profits or losses. According to Wang and Lin (2007), a fi rm that has a healthy bottom line is one that helps it to attract more investors and expand the business. However, given that the bottom line philosophy is quite traditional, economists came up with a better concept to help the organizationà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s achieve their objectives.John Elkington coined the term "Triple Bottom Line" (TBL) in 1994. TBL was not only supposed to help the organizations to realize profits, but also maintain social and environmental sustainability in their businesses. TBL has three major divisions, which are people, planet and profit, commonly known as the three Ps. The three Ps were created to help the organizations to design and method of full cost accounting which also reflected the association of business with social accountability. In order to be passed as a successful business venture, a firm has to satisfy all three components of the TBL. For instance, a mining company that made profits but failed to account for environmental wellbeing and social wellbe ing of its workers fails, as it does not account for the cost of the environment and the society. By failing to account for this cost, the societyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s taxes would be used to take care of the environment, hence meaning that the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s profits make no sense to the general economic growth.Tesco, in effort to satisfy its TBL, launched annual society reports to make public its progress (, 2014). In the reports, the company gives a summary of its performance as a responsible business, how it works with its stakeholders, their impact on the environment and contribution to the growth of the society and the economy. Given these efforts, Tesco set up a business value to guide its operations, whose tagline was "we use our scale for good" (, 2014). Using this, the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s management set up an ambition to help them deliver on their promise. The ambition comprised of three major issues, which are "creating opportunity for young people, impr oving social health and reducing food waste" (, 2014). These targets, according to the company, come along with four basic essentials.The first one is to trade responsible. This is achievable by putting the needs of the customers first, and working with shareholders to provide highly innovative products and services. The second one is reducing the impact of their operations on the environment. According to the company, it will need to be a zero-carbon business by 2050. Thirdly, the company has to ensure that it is a great employer, and that it creates a conducive environment for its human resource. The final target is supporting local communities by being a good neighbour and running its business in a friendly manner. These are the major highlights behind the achievement of the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s TBL.In order to achieve the above, the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s main strategy is employee training. Operating in more than 10 countries worldwide, Tesco has a strong culture for emp loyee training. It spends a big portion of its revenue to train the employees, with the objective of improving their output. Whilst designing the employee training programs, the company has four major objectives (, 2014). First, the company aims to increase the sense of ownership amongst the employees, so that they can give their all in their lines of duty. The training also aims to make the employees more organized and flexible, so that they can deliver even during demanding times. The training also instils new skills and abilities to help the employees in the process of decision making, and finally, helps them to maintain the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s positive image in the society.The training, therefore, is designed to improve the employeeà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s performance, with the purpose of achieving the organizationà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s TBL. The challenge therefore, is for the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s management to evaluate the perceived impact of training on employee performance and achieving of the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s TBL.1.3 Aim of the studyThe aim of the study is to analyse the perceived impact of Tescoà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s training and development activities, on the performance of its employees, and on achievement of its triple bottom line.1.4 Statement of the problemThe study begins with a focus on the realization that Tesco, as an international organization, needs to effectively measure the effect of its employee training activities on the improvement of performance and consequently, achievement of the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s TBL. Training, in literature, and as demonstrated by the organization, is a systematic process of enhancing the employeeà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s skills and competency. These are necessary for the attainment of organizational objectives, which are underlined by the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s TBL. As established in the background of the research, employee training has a measurable impact on the performance of the employees. The performance...

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Global Warming And Climate Change - 1249 Words

Within the past decade, global warming has become an increasingly debated topic. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the global average temperature has risen by one degree Fahrenheit in the last century. Almost all scientists attribute this to human activities such as burning fossil fuels which releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Even though one degree may seem like an insignificant change, it has already been linked to shrinking ice caps, increased sea levels, and worldwide droughts (Controlling Global Warming). Global warming should be taken as a serious threat to planet Earth due to the catastrophic damage it imposes on the environment and humans themselves. From melting ice caps to violent†¦show more content†¦If the ice at the polar regions of the world melts, then other parts of the world would experience increased sea levels. The World Meteorological Organization proclaims that the average worldwide sea level rises approximate ly three millimeters a year. This might sound like a miniscule change, but this it is double the rate in comparison to what it was in the twentieth century. The United States Environmental Protection Agency confirms the current sea levels have risen about eight inches since 1870. In a 2013 IPCC report, if greenhouse gas emissions remain at current regulation laws, researchers believe sea levels will rise three feet within the next eighty years (Bradford). But sea levels are not the only thing changing in the ocean as a result of global warming. Reports have also stated ocean water has become more acid as a direct result of the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When carbon dioxide is dissolved into water, carbonic acid is created. Carbonic acid has a pH of two, which is â€Å"quite acidic,† especially for marine life (Bradford). Many shellfish organisms, lobsters, crab, shrimp, oysters, and clams, have their shell composed of calcium carbonate, which is easily diss olved in acidic environments. These higher pH levels can cause numerous health problems or even mass species extinction for these innocent critters. The frequency of other extreme natural disasters are also projected to increase as a result

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The Reality Of The Television Series Lost - 1233 Words

Imagine surviving a plane crash only to be marooned on an island with forty-seven strangers. Because of this, you are forced to work and live together in order to secure survival and potentially be rescued. Although this more than likely will not happen to any given person, it is easy to envision how crucial and challenging it would be to collaborate with so many different personalities. However, this is the exact dilemma in the television series Lost. Lost demonstrates many concepts of communication, especially throughout the nineteenth episode. Concepts such as selective perception, intercultural communication, task specific touch and nonverbal communication with posture are present as the characters interact. Prior to boarding their†¦show more content†¦One concept of communication demonstrated in the episode is called selective perception. Selective perception is the perceptual distortion that arises from only paying attention to what we expect and ignoring what we do no t expect (Verderber, 2014). When first noticing Hurley, most people would not expect his secret; he is an overweight man with long curly hair and a scruffy beard. During his flashback, it is discovered that prior to boarding the plane he was a fast food worker that lived with his mother. When conversing with Charlie, who is an ex-band member and recovering heroin addict, Hurley reveals that he won the lottery and is actually worth millions of dollars; Charlie does not believe him and storms off. Charlie did not buy the announcement Hurley gave him for the reason that Charlie had already created a perception of Hurley. Charlie expected Hurley to be a low life because of his scruffy appearance and simple minded mannerisms. Yet, what he ignored was that this shabby man was actually drowning in wealth. Furthermore, when people are not like you would expect them to be, not only can perception barriers be created but also communication barriers. One type of communication barrier can occur during intercultural conversations. Intercultural communication is characterized as interactions that occur between people whose cultures are so different that the communication is altered (Verderber, 2014). With Jin being the only non-English speaker on the island,Show MoreRelatedReality Television Economic Factors And The Production Of Television Programs Essay1372 Words   |  6 Pagesï‚ § Reality Television Economic Factors How many factors are part of the production of television programs in reality. When we feel pressure to provide the display, the producer will make money, this is how the process works, to assess the social structure in the media are suitable. I have found that, in this season, the main impact of the huge influx of reality TV show based on information from the actors, writers strike, advertisers trying to reach a large part of the total population, and theRead MoreThe Television Experience: The Glass is Half Full Essay1016 Words   |  5 PagesThe content of television shows today ranges from the highly probable to the highly bizarre. Characters are often put into scenarios that are either extremely realistic or totally outlandish. But no matter what the content there is something for everyone and the public keeps watching. In this day, a viewer can instantly switch from watching an hour long quasi-reality show that studies the lives of promiscuous 20-somethings on the Jersey sho re to a 30 minute mockumentary that focuses on the not-so-monotonousRead MoreTelevision : A Vast Cultural Wasteland Essay1341 Words   |  6 PagesTelevision has been criticized as â€Å"a vast cultural wasteland†. Tv is supposed to be something that people use for fun and entertainment not a way to get away from your problems. Now with that being said this quote is trying to say that tv is useless. I think the reason that some people think that tv is useless is because of shows like SpongeBob and family guy. Sponge bob is a very popular kids show that has been around for years but doesn’t benefit the people watching it in anyway. In fact, watchingRead MoreCultural Heroes Essay1029 Words   |  5 PagesThe literature of a culture is a reflection of its beliefs. This is true of its mythology. In a fantasy setting, the qualities that a society exalts in a protagonist, here the hero of the myth, can be fully manifested, without being restricted by reality. Although the se qualities differ, the principle remains the same throughout these cultures. Despite the differences chronologically and geographically between India, ancient Greece, and modern America, their heroes are similar in their superhumanRead MoreTelevision Program For Children1687 Words   |  7 Pages Affections of television program to children in each cognitive development stage. There are so many different television programs out there designed for children, but the reality is when the word â€Å"children† includes kids of the age between births to 12 years old, the affection of those programs must be different in different stages of cognitive development of children between births till the age of 12. Therefore, my paper is going to talk about how those affections are different in each stageRead MoreA Comparison of American and British TV Comedy Essay1700 Words   |  7 PagesA Comparison of American and British TV Comedy Sit-coms in television history have been one of the most important genres for expressing the values of the middle and lower classes in our society, not in order to make fun of them but to express the best of them in a softer way. For the general public today, the sit-com is like the pantomime was for the Victorians. British comedy still has a Victorian taste, but it is one that is only recognized and truly appreciated byRead MoreThe Effects Of Television On Children s Children959 Words   |  4 PagesUnited States have at least one television set. Two-thirds of the children in the United States have a television in their room. Children watch approximately twenty-eight hours of television a week. Children watching violent broadcast TV shows are exposed to guns or bladed weapons every three minutes. By the age of eighteen, a U.S. youth will have seen 16,000 simulated murders and 200,000 acts of violence (2015). Americans clock in much of their free time watching television. Idiot box, boob tube, andRead MoreCelebrities Are The Most Desirable999 Words   |  4 Pagescriterion: including doctors, lawyers, and chefs to just name a few. However, these people are not necessarily considered celebrities. Our society usually considers a â€Å"celebrity† to be an actor, a professional sports player, or a rich person who has a television show about them and their life. Many people see celebrities as role models whom they strive to look like or act like because celebrities have fancy cars and nice houses, or because they get all the girls. Meaning, these are humans who are the mostRead MoreJean Baudrillard : An Influential Thinker1379 Words   |  6 Pagesyears later, he published Simulacra and Simulation, and implemented the hyper reality, by which objects are to be false and hidden from the truth. Baudrillard, an early admirer of McLuhan, expands his research and analysis on McLuhan’ s idea that the ‘the medium is the message’ - distancing and separating from the Marxism. By â€Å" the medium is the message†, McLuhans describes that the ‘real message that the radio and television deliver†¦is not in the images that it transmits but rather the new mode of perceptionRead More`` The Walking Dead `` By Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, And Charlie Adlard831 Words   |  4 Pagesespecially in media programming. Fueling this fascination is AMC’s The Walking Dead (Darabont, 2010) fashioned on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. This series has experienced widespread acceptance in today’s pop culture, capturing the People’s Choice Award for favorite cable drama in 2014 as well as the Critics’ Choice Television Award for most bingeworthy show in 2015. Ratings for The Walking Dead over the past six seasons show that millions of viewers tune

Conflict Management Managing Workplace Stress

Question: Discuss about theConflict Management for Managing Workplace Stress. Answer: Introduction Conflict is one of the key aspects that could hinder the performance of people within an organisation. It could be said that employees find it difficult to cope up with a conflict within the organisation. Conflict could arise in different ways within an organisation and hence it is important for a company to develop a strong strategic management platform which will be able to eliminate all kinds of conflicts and use conflict to good effect for the betterment of performance within the organisation. Increased conflict within the organisation is definitely going to affect the business of the organisation and this is where conflict management comes into the picture (Trudel Rejo, 2011). Effective conflict management is capable of limiting the negative impacts of conflicts and increasing the positive impact of conflict in the organisation. In the present scenario it could be said that both Fatima and Ahmed have strong difference in values and morale which is the main difference between th e two. The present study will take an opportunity to discuss the conflict between Fatima and Ahmed and give effective suggestion which would help to use their conflict in favor of the company to develop their operational efficacy. Concepts and Understanding of Conflict and its Impact Conflicts are very common at workplaces as there are different kinds of people working together who are from different background, and have different values and morale. In this scenario conflict could often become a trouble for managers to implement strategies to operate the organisation. Conflict could be defined as the potential difference between ideas and strategies of two persons within the organisation. Conflicts normally do have negative impact in the business as normally people tend to get demotivated with conflicts happening within employees but it could also be used as a positive thing in case the company is able channelise the energy in conflict in the work. There are different types of conflicts within an organisation which has to be handled effectively by the management like interpersonal conflict, intrapersonal conflict (within an individual), intergroup conflict, intragroup conflict (within an individual working in a group). Even though conflict is perceived negatively by some people, it could be said that it is effective for developing performance (Mujtaba McCarteny, 2009). Analysis of the Scenario The present scenario places a classic example of conflict at the workplace. It could be said that both the employees namely Fatima and Ahmed who are provided the responsibility of managing a project. The main conflict that both of them has is the difference in thought process and values. Ahmed is more of a laid back employee and believes in positioning himself in a superior way whereas Fatima is much of a dedicated employee and wants the work to be done effectively which would help the company to complete the project. They also have difference in vision as Fatima feels Ahmed is not competent enough to head the project. From the given scenario it is very clear that Fatima and Ahmed are not getting along well due to their interpersonal conflict (Williams, 2009). Discussion and Suggestion The interpersonal conflict between Fatima and Ahmed are definitely going to affect the teams performance as both of them have different approaches to address a particular job and hence it will extend the rift between both of them will affect the performance of the entire team. The interpersonal conflict is the most common conflict that one experiences in a workplace and hence it is important to reduce the impact of conflict. This is where the concept of conflict management would be effective. Since the thought process of both the leaders is different it is important to bring them on the same boat but use their conflict to improve their performance (Shih Susanto, 2010). There are number of conflict management styles like accommodation where one cooperates to a high degree, avoiding is when a person continuously avoids the issue which creates the difference and conflict, collaborating where two managers pair up in order to resolve conflict and complete a project successfully, competing when two or more managers compete with each other due to conflicted mindset, compromising is a conflict management approach where both managers are in a lose-lose situation and have not been able to manage anything (Thomas Kilmann, 2011). For the present case both Fatima and Ahmed should use the collaborative style of management but there will be a hidden competition within them which would help to get better of each other but in a mutual way. It will help to complete the project successfully and help the company to improve its performance. Even though both of the managers have different ways but their collaborative style and vision is definitely going to help complet e the project successfully and resolve their conflict (Williams, 2009). Conclusion Both Fatima and Ahmed have distinct mindset and hence they cannot get along well which has affected the performance of the team in the project and hence it is important for both of them to understand the interest of the company and collaborate setting aside all the differences which will help to perform well in the project. Overall it could be said that the collaboration conflict management strategy is one of the effective strategy to resolve conflict or get a positive impact from the conflict. References Mujtaba, B. G., McCartney, T. (2009).Managing workplace stress and conflict amid change. ILEAD Academy. Shih, H. A., Susanto, E. (2010). Conflict management styles, emotional intelligence, and job performance in public organizations.International Journal of Conflict Management,21(2), 147-168. Trudel, J., Reio, T. G. (2011). Managing workplace incivility: The role of conflict management stylesantecedent or antidote?.Human Resource Development Quarterly,22(4), 395-423. Thomas, K. W., Kilmann, R. H. (2011). Five conflict management styles at a glance. Williams, C. (2013).Principles of management. South-Western/Cengage Learning.